Culver Pictures is an 85-year old family company.

Culver Pictures provides the images in our collection to publishers of books, magazines, newspapers, websites, films, and television productions. We do not provide images for personal use, and we do not own copyrights to most of the images we provide. Depending on how you plan to use the images we provide, you may need to obtain permissions or special clearances.

Typically we deliver reproduction-ready high resolution JPEG files suitable for uses up to two-page spread. Because our prints were already pretty old when digitized, our scans frequently show the age of the image. However, we remove all scanning artifacts from our image files before we deliver them to you.

Popular subject categories include: Business, Family, History, Personalities, Transportation, Recreation & Sports, Science & Invention, Movie Stills, Performing Arts, New York City, and many others.

The Culver family has been collecting all manner of printed imagery since 1926-chiefly photographs and illustrations covering the ninteenth and the first half of the twentieth centuries. The archive includes nearly a million photographic images (most of which have been digitized), plus over a million engravings, illustrations and gravure prints. There are also magnificent copperplate engravings and close to two hundred thousand photographic negatives-nitrate, poly and glass-most of which are yet to be digitized.